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Etkili Sunum Hazırlama Teknikeri

7 Ders

Eğitmen: Dr. Sinan BATAKLAR

İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi Yabancı Diller Bölümü Bölüm Bşk. Yrd.

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750,00 TL KDV dahil

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Ders İçeriği

7 Ders


  • Course outline and approach
  • Describing the roles and responsibilities
  • Key issues


  • Chairing, setting the agenda, controlling the conversation
  • Participating, turn-taking, listening and taking notes
  • Being diplomatic, agreeing and disagreeing

Business Correspondence

  • Emails (register, style, standard phrasing)
  • Notes and memos
  • Business specific language phrases


  • Checking and clarifying information
  • Finance-specific scenarios
  • Listening to different accents, intonation

Making Presentations

  • Introducing a topic effectively
  • Linking and sequencing ideas
  • Concluding
  • Responding to Questions

Making Arrangements

  • Time tables, plans, and arrangements
  • Making appointments,
  • Invitations

Tackling Problems

  • Consequences
  • Hypothesizing
  • Problems/Solutions
  • Negotiating

Reports & Summaries

  • Skim reading reports and news feeds
  • How to report information and ideas
  • Writing reports – style, register, conventions

Social English

  • The first five minutes
  • Speed networking – the elevator pitch
  • Small talk, turn-taking
  • Business conventions

Business Travel

  • Preparing a trip
  • Coping with difficult travel situations